Grace, Strenght, and Diversity: The Inspiring Story of Canadian Gymnast Brittnee Habbib

Earlier this year, we were pleased and honored to have a conversation with Brittnee Habbib; an unstoppable and amazing Canadian National Gymnast. We discussed her background and her view on diversity and movement. We also discussed ways we can care for ourselves through natural approaches and daily movement. Brittnee is a Canadian Gymnast who has competed nationally and internationally.

“Brittnee was a 2006 World Championships competitor for Canada and a 5-time Canadian National Team Member. Brittnee attended college at the University of Nebraska. During her time as a student-athlete, Brittnee earned an All American Honor and was the 2010 NCAA Regional Uneven Bars Champion.”

The simple messages delivered through this conversation can be used as daily motivation. She also shares a few words on how her journey led her to create the Girl Power’s group to help empower young girls through movement.

HEALIENCY: There is a combination of esthetics, sports and grace in gymnastics. How did you get into gymnastics? Are you a gym rat at all? How is movement important to you?

BRITTNEE HABBIB: I started gymnastics at 19 months old. My mother put me into gymnastics because she always loved the sport and wanted her girls to be gymnast. 

No I am not a gym rat, I don’t enjoy working out in a gym, I prefer to workout outside. 

Movement is life to me. It keeps me grounded. I dance to tell important stories.

HEALENCY:  You seem to be very involved in developing and empowering young girls and this is very inspiring. Why was the Girl Power’s group created (@gpowerd, Instagram). What have gymnastics taught you that you want to pass on to other girls? Tell us a bit more about diversity and showing up in places where not expected.

BRITTNEE HABBIB: I created Girl Power’d to create a space for young black girls to excel in life. I created it because it was what I needed to become my best self.

I was a Canadian National Gymnastics champion, however I could have been better if I had a space that encouraged all of me; if I was surrounded by people who understood my culture and the power of blackness. Being the only black girl in the gym, at competitions… everywhere It was very uncomfortable. I was treated with racism and discrimination daily and I did not want other young black girls to have to experience what I went through. It took my many years to find myself, to love myself to understand my self worth. I am building the future of young black girls, through gymnastics and dance.  

Online Courses Available:

I am a provincial and a national level gymnastics coach, I have coached a few girls who received full athletic scholarships to the USA. I have a strong passion for coaching gymnastics and a lot of knowledge to pass down. Gymnastics taught me body control, the power that we have within us and the power of my mind. 

HEALIENCY: Since you are encouraging children to stay active and move, what would you suggest to adults? How can adults keep on moving?

BRITTNEE HABBIB:  It’s imperative for adults to be active. I have started adult gymnastics classes, adult dance classes and deep breathing and stretching classes. So often Adults are trying to build their children and forget about themselves. Adults need to make time for themselves. Definitely come to my classes, it’s for all levels and it’ll bring out the “child” out in you. A safe space for adults to be free and learn to truly love themselves from the inside out. Adult gymnastics is probably my favourite class to teach…

Online Courses Available: Be sure to follow and attend courses at @brittneehabbib on instagram. 

HEALIENCY: How do you keep fit and energized on a daily basis? What are your rituals, morning, night etc. What is you go-to “pick-me up” kind of food?

BRITTNEE HABBIB: Its challenging… honestly. My body craves physical activity it and its a tough balance.

I love the feeling of my body pushing boundaries. Its amazing what my body is able to do and It makes me feel good about myself. I also love a healthy looking body. So that motivates me a lot… to look at myself and to see a nice looking  healthy body. 

I do a lot of deep breathing outside in nature, I spend hours stretching… the sun and the nature around me is encouraging. I do a lot of body maintenance and technical exercises. Paying attention to certain parts of my body. I listen to what my body needs. 

I eat plant base foods. Everything natural. I make my own coconut milk and almond milk. My food intake is very selective and I do the same for my hair… only natural. My hair is connected to my overall health… it weighs a lot on how im feeling. So I need to ensure that my Ori has good energy because it sets the tone of my entire body and feeling. 

HEALIENCY: Who is the gymnast inspiring you the most at the moment?

BRITTNEE HABBIB: Simone Biles is the most inspiring gymnast, young black and unstoppable. 

HEALIENCY: How do you keep fit and energized on a daily basis? What are your rituals, morning, night etc. What is you go-to “pick-me up” kind of food.? What is your favorite mantra?

BRITTNEE HABBIB: Trust the process. Trust your Journey. Manifest Positivity. 

It Starts with you…

Faith. Hope. Love. 

Slow and steady wins the race


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