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The body has great abilities, but it does not come with an instruction manual. Our purpose is to help optimize health by educating on a full range of evidence-based and evidence-informed therapeutic modalities. Our focus: We collaborate with the healthcare community to uncover inclusive strategies to manage, prevent, or delay disease progression. Uncover healthcare from the angle of evidence and become your own "First-Aid".


Understanding trauma and building resilience are crucial for promoting mental health and well-being in our ever-evolving society. Seeking guidance from experts in this field is essential as we navigate the profound effects of trauma on individuals.

Sleep is fundamental to well-being, going beyond mere rest. Researchers and healthcare professionals now recognize its vital role in bolstering our immune system against infections. Let's explore this critical connection and the fascinating relationship between sleep and infection prevention.

Discover the impact of negative self-talk and its cycle of self-doubt and low self-esteem. Cognitive Behavioral Reframing, a potent psychology tool, empowers us to break free from this cycle. Explore how reframing transforms negativity into positive and constructive thinking, fostering self-belief.


Getting the Good on Health and Science  | From Media Smarts

When you search important topics like science and health, you expect expert advice. But because anybody can claim to be an authority online, you have to take extra steps to ensure sources are credible.


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For Patients & Non-health professionals: Get Smarter about your health

"In some countries, only 1 in 3 patients have the risk of their treatment explained to them"

Patients are not always able to engage in decisions related to their health; partly due to low healthcare literacy. Low literacy leads to poor engagement with healthcare providers and poor disease management. We help patients live healthier lives by developing knowledge and better health and literacy.

For Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers do not always have time to educate patients. They are also not always trained in certain areas of health and wellness. We help healthcare providers acquire knowledge on a variety of health and wellness topics; curated from passionate experts.. They can become more helpful to patients