Luxury Meets Holistic Healing: How Paracelsus is Redefining Mental Health Treatment

The mentally ill should be treated with the same care and respect offered a diabetic, a heart attack victim or cancer patient: No longer can we, in all conscience, simply stuff them with chemicals and send them out the door.

Mental health and addiction are growing concerns around the world. The Mental Wellness Report recently released by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) discusses the explosion of a global mental wellness economy. This market is now valued at more than US$120billion. In another internet survey conducted by Harvard University, anxiety and depressive disorders are becoming the most common health issues.

Mental health and addiction range from eating disorders (ED) , PTSD, OCD, anger management, depression, anxiety, drug addiction, internet addiction, sex addiction, gambling addiction, and many more. Any addiction severely affects our life; socially, economically, morally, and more. These mental health issues and addiction need to be treated professionally. This is where Paracelsus Recovery plays its role. It provides its utmost care to its clients and treats the root cause in a secure, safe and private place.

What is Paracelsus Recovery?


Раrасelsus Reсоvery wаs fоunded in 2012 by the fаther аnd sоn teаm оf Dr. Werner Gerber, Аn exрert Psyсhiаtrist аnd Jаn Gerber, а grаd student frоm the Lоndоn Sсhооl Оf Eсоnоmiсs.

Paracelsus Recovery was named after a German-Swiss philosopher and physician who is considered to be the Father and Founder of toxicology. Since its origin, the facility has been working hard to earn a reputation for being the world’s most exclusive private rehab institute. It now enjoys the premier status as the leading rehab and wellness facility in the world.

It found its fame by blending the leading residential treatment programs for men and women in Europe with luxurious facilities. Paracelsus was able to effortlessly combine the luxurious environment with a comprehensive treatment package while also providing the individual care and empathy of a family business.

Paracelsus Treatment and Staff: A Place For Safety, Security and Care


Once the client arrives, he/she is greeted by an intake team at the airport. The client is taken to the partnered hospital to run a comprehensive medical check-up. If drug detoxification is required, then they will stay in the hospital to ensure a safe withdrawal and minimize discomfort.

The Paracelsus clinical coordinator supervises each client’s care. Clients also go through a complete psychiatric evaluation and biochemical testing during the initial stages of treatment. For substance abuse assessment additional therapist is assigned. From the info taken, a detailed treatment plan is devised.

  • Biо-Mediсаl
  • Individuаl Treаtment
  • Evidenсe-Bаsed
  • Hоlistiс
  • Оne tо Оne
  • Рersоnаlized Treаtment
  • Соgnitive Behаviоr Therарy
  • Fаmily Рrоgrаm

Each and every treatment plan is designed to be responsive to an individual needs. The treatment plan is refined to address both the catalysts and symptoms of destructive addictive behavior.

By treating only one client at a time, their entire clinical team can give undivided attention and expertise to their client.

After getting discharged from the hospital, clients are moved to their luxury hotel, apartment, or another agreed-upon residence. A daily schedule is established, and the therapist comes to the client’s residence for sessions according to the treatment plan. The plan comprises different ranges of treatment, and it may include up to eight hours of daycare. Treatment includes individual therapy with a team of licensed counselors.

Paracelsus believes that the best path to recovery is investigating the root of all psychological disorders. Clients with depression, OCD, anxiety, PTSD, and many other mental health issues are given dual diagnosis support.

The program also focuses on biochemical restoration; it involves orthomolecular therapies that correct the brain chemistry through proper nutrition and vitamin supplements. Clients are given fitness training, 12 steps facilitation, and if appropriate, then clients are provided with off-site recovery meetings in the community. Bio-resonance, reflexology, acupuncture, and yoga are also customized for each client. The length of treatment can vary from client to client. The minimum length of stay is four weeks, and it can increase up to twelve weeks if necessary.

The team at Paracelsus are professional counselors, doctors, and nurses. The staff can accommodate English, German, French, Arabic, and Russian speakers.

Accommodations and Food


Paracelsus offers each client a wide range of luxurious housing options. Clients can stay in Paracelsus apartments, seven-star hotel penhouses, or they can request different accommodations according to their liking. Paracelsus can arrange almost every type of accommodation.

Within accommodations, clients will have the best of everything. This includes Wi-fi, HD satellite, full-service kitchen. All clients are provided with a butler, housekeeper, chef, driver, and other staff. The chef works with nutritionists to ensure that all meals are appropriate for the client’s needs.




All the clients have daily access to the salon, theater, tennis court, volleyball court, hiking, and many other facilities for relaxation and leisure between therapies.

Aftercare can include a sobriety mentorship program, skype contact with a therapist or regular phone calls, and in-person meetings during return visits to the clinic. This helps clients with a smooth transition from the therapeutic environment to the client’s usual habitat.

Paracelsus also offers a two-day weekend intensive family program at no extra cost. This can include lectures, group therapy to address the dynamics of the disease of addiction on a psychological, physical, emotional, and social level.

  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Support Meetings
  • Recovery Coach
  • Drug Screening
  • Follow-up Sessions (online or in-person)

Paracelsus Recovery Cost


The treatment fee for Paracelsus recovery is $370,000 per person per month on an all-inclusive basis. The fee includes treatment, testing, and luxurious accommodation.

Prior to full admission, clients may have to go through a two-day assessment. This two-day assessment cost $20,000 extra. This includes a treatment plan without accommodation.

  • рsyсhiаtriс аssessment
  • аddiсtiоn аssessment
  • lifestyle аnd nutritiоnаl аssessment
  • mediсаl сheсk-uр
  • extensive lаbоrаtоry tests
  • brаin аnd bоdy biо-сhemistry tests

Some serious cases may require the 24/7 presence of medical personal. In such instances, the Paracelsus Recovery fee will be higher than initially estimated. All the additional costs are usually communicated prior to further treatment action.

What Is Inspiring and Different About Paracelsus?


Every client at Paracelsus gets undivided attention by over twenty staff. During onboarding, every patient is assessed individually through careful evaluations. After that, members are placed into a series of activities, classes and one on one sessions. While Paracelsus may be viewed as an expensive rehab, there is no doubt that the cost of treatment at Paracelsus is no greater than a luxury suite or staying at a private clinic. Many times, treatment failure is attributed to consistency of treatment or patient attendance during follow-up. The staff at Paracelsus tries to address deeply seated mental health concerns not only in a luxurious environment but also in a private environment. Privacy and trust can significantly affect the outcome of the treatment. The value that Paracelsus Recovery offers is exceptional.

Dr. Marta Ra who is the CEO of Paracelsus is, in many ways, an inspiring leader. Here she delivers a TedEx talk where she addresses Moving money to Meaning. (TedXZurich)


Final Verdict


Paracelsus Recovery offers the best-individualized luxury recovery experience. This is an ideal choice for someone who seeks absolute privacy and personal care. With the best accommodations, an emphasis on holistic healing, and flexible care, this is the ultimate destination for luxury recovery.

“The disease is progressive. So is recovery.”

Dr. Muhammad Mohsin, MDContributor

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